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Why you should compete

If you’re new to weightlifting then you most likely don’t understand how awesome competition is. You might even fear it. I can tell you right now that nothing beats having an official total and going to a meet and making some new connections with people that are like minded from different clubs. It’s great! Here is a bunch of reasons why competing in your first competition will be the first of many.

Kristen, Jimboomba Barbell Club , competing in her first competition

Pic above: Kristen, Jimboomba Barbell Club, competing in her first competition

1. It gives your training a purpose

You don’t give it everything if you don’t have something you need to work towards. You’ll spend your time kicking around instead of getting fired up and smashing pr’s. Once you have done your first meet you will also have a competition total that you can work towards beating next time.

2. You can meet new buds

Everyone is friendly at local meets. You’re not sure what to do? There’s usually a coach around that is more than happy to help. You have to understand, these people at these comps are of the same mind frame as you. We all want to grow this sport so helping others benefits us all.

3. You will grow as an athlete

Your mentality towards your sport will grow and you will start to want to put more back into it and get more involved in the sport. This is a great thing! Our strength sports are always happy to have volunteers and help people learn more about our great sport. This, in turn, will help you grow as an athlete.

4. They’re Fun!

Once you get past all the nerves of it all weightlifting and powerlifting meets are exciting and you will have a blast! You will not be disappointed with competing. It will be something you start to look forward to.

Overall, your first meet will be nerve racking and you will need to have someone there to help you out and support you. The cool thing is if you are training with a weightlifting club then your first few comps will most likely be in your home gym. Awesome, right?! You can experience the sport of weightlifting with your friends and maybe make some new ones along the way.

Remember to lift smart, train hard and you’ll set pr’s

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