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Crossfitters, how many sessions per week should you do of weightlifting?

Crossfitters always ask how often they should spend just on weightlifting each week. The answer is always one they don't like hearing because it's less than what they'd like it to be. Weight lifting is fun and we want to do it all the time but if you're a CrossFitter you need a different approach to get those pr’s.

So how many should you be doing? One or two sessions per week. That's it.

This is for 90% of the CrossFit population. We're not all going to the Games and for most of us it's not in the near future either so prioritising some technique work and on the C&J and Snatch can majorly improve how well you move through your WOD's and improve your overall CrossFit experience.

This doesn't mean you can't do metcons with Olympic lifts in them, it just means there needs to be time for only doing the lifts and doing them when you feel fresh (not battered from your last workout) under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. You can still do accessory and strength work on either side of your metcons to help you out as well but at least one full session should be dedicated to learning and helping master the lifts each week.

Follow this idea of one or two sessions dedicated only to your lifts per week and the weights will increase. Don't overdo it and seek professional advice from a qualified weightlifting coach and most importantly have fun!

Lift smart, train hard and set pr’s!

Pic below: CrossFit Athletes: Top Left, Jethro Berry. Top Right, Belinda Geissler (trainer at CrossFit Flourish), Bottom Left, Mike Sheppard, Bottom Right, Mel Hawkins

Crossfitters benefiting from weightlifting

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