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Barbell Basics

Not sure what to do with free weights? Want to learn the Olympic style of weightlifting and don't know where to start? Interested in powerlifting but have no idea what you're doing?

Not a problem.

Barbell basics is designed to give you all the knowledge you need for powerlifting and Olympic lifting so you can progress onto a personalised program and start setting records.

Barbell Basics is three (3) two hour workshops that are run by our head coach. It's aimed to answer any questions that you might have about either of the weightlifting sports and make sure you have sufficient knowledge in the safety and execution of the main lifts.

You will receive technical coaching on:

  • deadlift

  • back squat

  • bench press

  • snatch

  • clean

  • jerk

We also start you on the path of professional guidance in nutrition and mobility to ensure you are able to hit your goals, whether it be recreational or professional sports goals or even if you just want to lift some weights and feel good.

If you continue on with us as a regular member at the completion of Barbell Basics you'll continue to receive:

  • Daily Nutrition journal assessments

  • Nutrition advice (based on journal & performance needed)

  • Coaching of correct warmup & cool down protocols to be performed daily

  • Daily mobility drills implemented into your personalised program

Cost: (cost covers 3 x 2hr workshops = 6 hrs of personal coaching)
1 person = $345
2 people (sign up with a friend) = $270 per person
3 people or more (sign up with 2 or more friends) = $210 per person

We can also offer Body Composition tests and Anthropometry reports for an additional $115 per person

How to sign up?


You can signup and pay right away. We'll then be in touch to organise your first session.

Or, schedule a free 1 on 1 consultation with us to chat about your needs, goals etc. This is a no obligation, no strings attached consultation

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